Welcome to Eleanor Bell’s blog on analytics, system dynamics and learning.

I have started this blog in order to have a place to dialogue, explore, and share ideas on systems change, learning, Lean management, measurement and analytics. I see deep connections between the use of measurement and analytics for decision making, learning and experimentation, and systems dynamics. The extent to which people in an organization are aware and intentional about establishing feedback loops, the greater the chance of learning and change.   Thus the name of the blog – “What’s in a loop?”

After spending years developing expertise and experience in data and analytics, and spending much of my career both as a learner and a teacher, I continue to be intrigued about how to establish learning at an organizational or system level. I see a lot of members of organizations say that they operate in a “learning organization” or that they are “data driven.” And yet I don’t often see behaviors that look like learning to me. Which has made me wonder what a learning organization actually looks like – what kind of behavior do you see in one? And beyond an organization, what does a learning system actually look like (since an organization is type of system)? What behaviors do you see in one? And even more interesting, how can you create a learning system?

Many have grappled with these questions – most notably Peter Senge, and I have benefited greatly from their work. In a day-to-day practical sense, though, it is very hard to actually create learning loops, either at the individual level or for an organization or larger system. I wanted to have a place where I could post my thoughts and questions, and hopefully have others with a similar interest share what they have learned about how to do this, in real life, so that we can support each other in learning how to leverage feedback loops to learn and create change within systems.

Please note that the opinions posted here are mine alone, and I am not representing my employer in any official capacity.

Looking forward to hearing from you – please post comments, questions or topics.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Eleanor Bell’s blog on analytics, system dynamics and learning.

  1. Marlan Crosier says:

    As someone who has focused on the somewhat intersecting areas of quality (particularly Lean) and analytics over the course of my career and who was strongly influenced by Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline”, I’m definitely looking forward to following and engaging in the discussion here. Thanks for sharing your interests and your thinking.

  2. Ben Trelease says:

    This is really great stuff Eleanor. Your writing is clear and you are grappling with important questions in an interesting way. Very much looking forward to reading more. Thanks!

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